"Watch a video ad to make this VIP client spend a LOT!"

VIP Car Edit

The VIP car is a yellow car that every 30 seconds, drives into the VIP slot just outside your supermarket. If you tap it, it offers you a reward if you watch a video ad. Whether the player says yes or no, the VIP car drives away.

Rewards: Edit

The VIP car offers 2 potential rewards, Gems or Money. You can from 10 to 75 gems, of 10 to 60 minutes worth of money. The VIP Marketing epic upgrade increases your chance to get a high reward, but it does not increase the maximum reward you can get.

VIP Marketing Edit

VIP Marketing is an epic upgrade which you may buy permanently with gems. It increases the change of getting a greater reward from a VIP car by 10% for each level you own, and you may own up to 10 levels, giving a bonus of 100%. However, despite increasing the chance of getting a large amount of money/gems, It does not increase the maximum amount of these you may receive.

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