• Titansungod

    State of the wiki

    December 31, 2019 by Titansungod

    Hello everyone! I have been editing this wiki for a about a week now and I see great potential in this wiki. But due to a lack of editors, most of the things on here are either outdated, needs updating, or just missing a bunch of vital info. I invite you to edit where you can, and dm me on the areas we can improve on as I have a lot of data just waiting to be put on here. Another thing is the pretty much non-existent staff team, there is no moderators, no admins, and the "Founder" last edited almost a month ago. What this means is that people are really free to do what they want such as spamming, vandalising and a bunch of bad stuff that can really harm this wiki and limit its growth. The wiki is a place where people find info on a bunch o…

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